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Not sure when it started, all I know is that it's been very iritating ever since. 


On the pad, phone, mac, and mac book, web browsing has become a pain in the a$$ because every (ok high 90%) on a link opens a new tab on the macs a new browsing window on the phones....in a minute or so the macs have 10 taps open and the phone is maxed out with 8 new windows all on the same thing.





how do i switch this off?  I just want the "old?" way where i got one window and the web session can move forward and back at my choosing in the same tab, and if i want to open a tab, i right click on the link and select "open in new tab"



Whatever happened to that?  Am I the only one who hates this new way of safari operating?



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    Might not be Safari causing the problem ...



    If you are using iCloud to sync Bookmarks between OS X and iOS devices ...


    On the Macs, open System Preferences > iCloud


    Deselect the box next to Safari then reselect it.



    On iOS devices, tap Settings > iCloud


    Switch Bookmarks off then back on.



    Give iCloud a few minutes to resync the data.


    See if that made a difference.

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    No it didn't.  Thank you for writing back so quick. Was not around to check posts.


    Here's a better description of my problem:


    New safari window open, google page is up.  Search for "apple gen4 IPad" and hit enter. Search results display. When I click on the link that I want a NEW tab opens to the left of last page I was on (the google search results) and displays the content.


    What happened to clicking a link and going to that site within the page I have opened?  No tabs involved at all. They would only opened if I clicked ton the 'plus' sign to the right of the currently opened page, or right clicked the link and selected "open in new tab"?


    Thanks again

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    I'm having what I think is the same problem. I click on a link in Apple Mail, say, and Safari opens with that link AND a tab behind showing my Home Page. This seems to slow the loading of the page I clicked on, so I wanted to turn it off.


    In Safari, go to menu Safari > Preferences, then click on the Tabs icon. UNcheck the checkbox called "When a new tab or window opens, make it active". That checkbox name is not a very clear description of the results we see, but it will fix it.

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    I'm having the SAME problem.. I don't think the guy who responded to your post understands what you mean.


    Google search: Cowboys game

    Click on first link in Google search = a new tab pops up.

    Then you click a link, for fun & common sake.. let's say "Players"... then, a new tab (which automatically becomes active) pops up with player info.


    You now have THREE active safari tabs open, all for the same search.

    How do you enable one-click, one-window; unless I opt for a tab... options?

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    I also have this problem. And it is recent. No matter which link I click, it will take me to the webpage (which I want) AND open a blank new window in the back (which I don't want). HELP!

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    Here is what I am experiencing.


    Randomly Safari additionally opens a new blank window or tab when I click on a link.


    I have changed preferences to verify the window or tab and my preferences are for Safari to open blank.


    So, a random click will open the link as I have preferenced (in the current window or in a new tab or whatever) AND Safari opens a new blank tab (or window depending on preference setting). 


    *** Safari?  I did not ask for the duplicate opening so something is up.  And that something is wrong.


    Let the wizards explain.

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    May have a fix per Bill;


    "I am seeing the same problem in Snow Leopard and Safari 5.1.10 as are many other people with various versions of Safari on several forums.


    I've done routine maintenance including emptying caches and clearing out cookies. I've changes tab/window preferences to update Safari's plist all without effect. The blank full-screen window in the background has no code. I've even looked for differences in the HTML and CSS from the originating pages gotten from Chrome and Safari. No differences.


    The only thing I can remember changing was a Glims update which dated 11/25/13. Since Glims messes with Tabs it is possible.


    This is a pain.





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    sf340b - that was the trick for me. Although I didn't install the latest update - it somehow still changed my settings in Glims. a BIG thank you.