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so I have exhausted all avenues, tried EVERY trip and trip I could find online and here in Apple Support PLUS Apple Support Communities to try and restore this missing pain (I cannot access system preferences NO MATTER how much I try, and the last 5 days of searching has lead me to figure out, I am missing this system preference pain)


So how do I restore this very important part to my system. I am running the latest software on my iMac, which is a referbished system and I do not have any disc's and as I mentioend above, I have tried EVERYTHING, what does one do when this has gone missing? I'm about to throw the whole thing OUT THE WINDOW (no pun intended, I really do love windows too LMAO)



iMac (20-inch Mid 2007), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), restore missing system preference
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    You don't explain a lot in your reply. I see that you can't access to System Preferences, but is it in your computer? Open Finder (the icon you can see at the left of the Dock), choose Applications in the sidebar and tell me if System Preferences is in that folder.


    If not, reinstall OS X. Hold Command and R keys while your computer is starting and reinstall OS X. You need the Apple ID you used to purchase OS X Mountain Lion

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    thats a toughone if you can't find it using spotlight or the finder...

    its not shown in applications or utilites folders?

    ...then some how you erased it, maybe?


    If you are near an apple store  set an appoiintment and go see a genius. That's what I would do. http://www.apple.com/retail/geniusbar/

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    @mrnfr1 I have already searched EVERY possible folder AND I have a refurbished iMac from a friend whom installed the latest operatiting system, is it Lion? That confuses me still, but at anyrate, I did not purchase it, I do not have CD's that's why I thought I'd post this and see what happens. I believe MacTracker and App deleted it without me even realizing it but they didn't deposiit it in my trash, ti's just disappered

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    Looking at your first reply, you are using OS X Mountain Lion. To confirm this, open  > About this Mac, and tell me your version.


    If you bought your computer from a friend and the computer came with Mountain Lion, you can't reinstall OS X because you need your friend's Apple ID to do it. I recommend you to ask your friend about reinstalling OS X

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    I am running OX X Mountain Lion yes, 10.8.4 and the computer was gifted to me from a friend who took it took to a locale Mac retailer (not an apple store) he had the computer completely refurbished and there is NO trace of him or his ID on the computer, it's all me now. So my quesiton now is, how do I reinstall it without having to pay for it again? Is that done via the app store, or from apple.com?


    BTW - everytime I open a preference, no matter what program it is, Terminal opens up. I have not done ANYTHING in there as I like to tinker but not THAT much LOL .

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    I only know enough to be dangerous,  but this is from apple ( http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1528)  try this. 

    ALSO : open that make sure that tracker and any non mac program and  find the preferences and sure that any non Mac program is set up to ask you before deleting any files .

    How to disable the root user

    OS X Lion

    1. From the Apple menu choose System Preferences....
    2. From the View menu choose Users & Groups.
    3. Click on the lock and authenticate with an administrator account.
    4. Click Login Options....
    5. Click the "Edit..." or "Join..." button at the bottom right
    6. Click the "Open Directory Utility..." button.
    7. Click the lock in the Directory Utility window.
    8. Enter an administrator account name and password, then click OK.
    9. Choose Disable Root User from the Edit menu.
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    Sign up for an Apple ID, pay the $20 and purchase your own copy of ML. You will need it at some point. Once you have downloaded it, follow these instructions and creat a bootable USB installer. Then boot from it and reinstall the OS.

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    This free program will make a bootable USB Flash drive and does the work for you.


    Bootable Drive DVD or USB Flash Drive – Lion Diskmaker


    I would stay away from using the Root user as you can do a lot of damage to your system if you don't know what you are doing.


    Daniel - I can't get that link to work - 404 page can't be found error?