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Scenario: I want to get a KN presentation from my Mac to my iPad Mini (I'm an iPad newbie) using Dropbox (don't want to use iCloud because I won't have internet access where I have to present). On the Mac (10.8.4) I have KN, Pages, and Numbers (and Dropbox); I bought KN and Pages for the iPad (6.1.3), but don't need Numbers (unless that'd solve my problem, below).


Problem: Dropbox transfer works fine, but when I tried to open the KN, I got "Presentation couldn't be imported. KN only supports docs saved with iWork '09." I believe I have the same KN version as I'd have with iWork, 5.3, this is apparently not good enough; I need the whole iWork package.


Question: If I only buy Numbers for the iPad will I then have a "full iWork '09" on it, or must I buy the whole iWork package, which would mean re-buying KN and Pages?

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    First, make sure you're not saving the files you expect to send to Dropbox as packages. Right-click or control-click one of your documents and see if you have an option to "Show Package Contents" (if you don't see that option, you're good).


    Also, from checking around the discussions, there's an extra service that helps Dropbox to work more like iCloud, that's DropDAV. There's an article about it here.


    http://techinch.com/blog/integrate-dropbox-with-pages-keynote-and-numbers-on-ipa d

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    Thanks, Kyn. I imagine your suggestion works, but meanwhile I found another way. ITunes' "file sharing" capability, at least when my iPad's wired to my Mac, works like a charm, and I had no problem opening and using my presentation. Interestingly, when on the iPad, in KN, I "add" the file I added to iTunes, one of the options is "copy from WebDAV" (the other is "copy from iTunes"). While I still don't know more about the "full iWork" problem, that's now OBE.

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    Ah, yes that'll do the trick. :) I was thinking that Dropbox was a requirement, but you just needed a way to have access to the file on your computer if needed.

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    Sorry, I didn't describe my problem well. DB isn't a requirement (not even helpful on-site, where there's no internet), I just didn't know how to get a Mac file onto the iPad. But thanks for the tip.