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I have recently upgraded to ipad 6.1.3 and since, i have encountered loads of problems.


for example, my battery will barely last a few hours, the apps crash a lot more, and some even refuse to open.


I went online to see if there was a way of downgrading back to ios 6.1.2 or even 6.1.1 and there were many videos showing ways in which to do it, as long as you have the IPSW and the shsh BLOBS, which i have, but when following the tutorials on screen, nothing works, and it is seriously frustrating to me.


Has anyone got any idea as to why it will not let me downgrade?


I'm disappointed in apple products and have recently changed my iphone because of issues with apple as a company.

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 6.1.3
  • Simon Slavin Level 4 (1,400 points)

    Your experience is not typical.  There are no widespread reports of problems with 6.1.3.


    It seems likely that you could demonstrate the problems any time you wanted.  So please take your iPad into a AppleStore (book yourself a Genius appointment) or phone Apple and report your problems to them.  They may be able to help, but it would certainly be helpful for a support technician to take a look.

  • AndyBeaver Level 1 (15 points)

    Use Apple Configurator to downgrade. Its supported. It will at least allow you to confirm whether indeed iOS 6.1.3 is the culpret.





    I definitly agree with Simon, take it to an Apple Store, they want you to be happy with their product and are willing to do a lot for you!


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    Has anyone got any idea as to why it will not let me downgrade?

    Because downgrading is not supported. What you are attempting to do involves a hack.


    Restore to factory settings, to install a fresh copy of iOS.