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I have a new Time Capsule (802.11ac) which replaced a previous generation time capsule.


The new time capsule drops clients after a period of time.  I first noticed it with my iPad which would indicate a good wifi connection in the morning, but not connect to anything.  I checked this with a Mac running Airport Utility and it would not show my iPad as a client, even though the iPad thought it was connected.  Cycling wifi on/off on the iPad would restore the connection and all would work fine.


Then I noticed this on my Mac when it was shut off overnight.


This is apparently a "feature" of the new Time Capsule.  Overall the range and performance of the new TC is much better than the old TC, but this "feature" is really annoying.

MacBook Pro 15", Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    I have this problem too.

    My ipad, iPhone, sonos mac all get dropped after a period of time.

    And the wifi speed is horrible.

    I would recommend to people not to buy this.

    Clearly has issues. Taking mine back today.

    If anyone has a solution, please post a reply.




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    mine is the same. printer gets dropped. the aircapsule doesn't stay connected to router. didn't have this problem with old airport. returning.

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    Same issue here.


    In addition, sometimes I have to power cycle the AirPort to fix the issue.

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    Me too!


    The TC will disappear from the Airport Utility, even though it's still connecting me to the net.  Then it will drop the Airport Express which extends the network.


    Power cycling everything gets it all running again, then cycle wifi on/off on the various devices.


    Definitely some bugs in the new TC!

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    This is EXACTLY what is still happening to me from my post here:



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    I ready your thread.  Did you exchange it for a new unit or did it cool down?

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    Quick update... Took my new time capsule back to apple... They replaced it.

    Took it home, set it up as per the instruction.  Worked a little better, but not much for 24 hours.  Now my internet has slowed dramatically, it has dropped my printer and ipad numerous time and i cant back-up anymore.

    I have a call scheduled with the 'Joint Venture' team in apple.

    Will see what they say... Will let you know.

    I think apple is slipping....


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    Hey, I'm having same issue with new 802.11ac TC dropping clients (macbook, mac mini, ipad, iphones, sonos). Problem is, I took one back and got a new one. Same issues. Connection becomes very slow. Initial time machine backup gets interrupted and does not complete. Iphone connection is getting interrupted constantly. A reboot or toggling airplane mode helps temporarily. But only for a few minutes.


    But again, this is the SECOND time capsule with this issue.


    Very frustrating. If anyone has a good new approach to fixing this let me know. I'm going to give it a week because it sounds like Apple is aware of some issues...at least with the TC and the new MacBook Air...hopeful that it will remedy TC issues for the rest of us. Else I'm going to just take this back and go back to 802.11n.

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    Please keep posting your troubles *and* solutions, folks!  We've been in the market for one, but given these reports, we will hold off until there's better news!

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    Alright, fresh from the Apple store.  They replaced it no questions asked.


    Got home and set it up and guess what...can't connect to the iPhones.  Did the firmware upgrade, rebooted a few times.  No go on the iPhone.  MacBook Pro connects fine.


    And...really hot to the touch on the very top.  What is going on with these things?

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    Which firmware upgrade?


    Mine is warm, but not "really hot".  Is it too hot to keep your hand on for more than 15 seconds?


    My devices are all connecting, it's just that periodically they get dropped.  I speculated that the problem may be due to DHCP leases expiring so I changed the lease from 1 day to 7 days.

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    I do not have the newest model TC, I live on a base in Italy so I dont stay up with whats coming out(just found out about the 5S lol). I bought the previous 2TB TC i think the same week the newest one came out and mine is doing this exact same problem, dropping my iphone and MB Pro(it never drops my game systems, iPad or TV though) any time they sleep, are locked, randomly during internet surfing, etc. Does anyone know if its a problem with only the newest one or a software update cause a couple days after I bought mine there was a new update that happened and since that the problem started?