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I deleted a photo from Photos and PhotoStream on my iPad the other day. Then I went to iPhoto on my Mac and deleted the same photo from multiple PhotoStreams there. Then, a while later, figuring I had deleted the photo everywhere...when I was checking my Camera Roll on the iPad, I found the photo again!! Why are there SO MANY places where the same photo is stored? How can I be sure a photo is deleted EVERYWHERE on all devices?

iPad 2, iOS 6
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    When you take a photo with the iPad, it ends up in your Photo Stream and in the Camera Roll. That is really to the user's advantage so that one does not accidentally delete a photo in the Photo Stream that should have been saved by the user. Deleteing from the Photo Stream deletes it from that album on all devices,  but not from the Camera Roll album. That is where the photo is saved and if you want to delete it everywhere, you have to manually delete it in there as well.