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I have an  iMovie HD project that I have finished editing. It is 1hr 40 mins long. Source footage was 1080i HDV 50 from a Sony HDR-HC9 HDV camcorder.


I imported the finished 55Gb project into iDVD (I'd read that's the best setting from one of Bengt Wärleby's old posts), but the project refused to burn. Even when I chose Best Performance. I think it may be due to a combination of an old system, lack of disk space on my external HDD and also only 2Gb RAM. I can't change any of these as it's on an old macbook and I'm in a remote country with little/no access to hardware.


I have a newer PC based system also so I'm thinking of exporting the movie file to a format that can be viewed and/or edited on Windows PC. I will use a separate HDD borrowed from a friend. I'm using ExFat on the External HDD which is compatible with both PC and Mac.


What export settings should I use from iMovie HD to make it compatible for the Windows PC?


I previously tried to just open the mov files in the imovie project folder on my PC, but the mov files are wrapped using Apple Intermediate Codec which my PC won't read and I have heard there is no way of converting? So I guess I must export using a specific format.


I want to retain quality. The final delivery will be DVD (and I'd like to retain an HD copy if at all possible).


Thanks in advance for your support.

MacBook, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
  • Karsten Schlüter Level 7 (32,207 points)

    select share/using Quicktime

    from dropdown choose mpeg4

    options/video format: h.264

    bitrate 5000 (five thousand)

    size/resolution 1280x720

    frame rate actual


    => this creates a high defintion, windows compliant .mp4 of your project

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    Thanks Karsten. I will try this at the school tomorrow.


    1080i is 1440x1080 and stretched it goes to 1920x1080. Will 1280x720 take this into account?


    Do I need to check the deinterlace box?


    Thanks again.

  • Karsten Schlüter Level 7 (32,207 points)

    1440 is anamorphic 1080 - comes out as 1920 automatically.


    iM 'axes' interlaced sources - so, 720p has the same quality as 1080i ...


    for sure you can choose 1920x1080i as export size/format - but has little effect on quality, bloats only file size.-


    using 720 automatically deinterlaces (no such thing as 720i)

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    Unfortunately, I got the message: A file compression error occured. The movie could not be properly compressed.  The movie may contain some data that is invalid for the type of compression selected.


    I've now exported as full quality. It's a huge AIC MOV, hope that IDVD will encode it OK. Otherwise I'm not sure what else to do?


    Is it worth re-encoding the AIC MOV using Mpeg Streamclip or other software at all?