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I had to get my iPhone replaced because there was some lint that got behind the camera lens. Before I left to get it replaced, I did a full backup to my iCloud and to my computer. I figured all of my game data was going to be lost except for the games that were in the Game Center. Well when I restored the new phone from the backup, it restored all of my games and the data except for one game that I've made a lot of in-app purchases. The game is listed in the Game Center and shows all of my achievements and what not but when you open the game, everything is gone.


My question is, can I at least get the in-app purchases credited, refunded, restored, anything at all? I've put quite a bit of money into the game and I don't mind starting over again but I don't want my money just going up in smoke...


Any suggestions?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.3