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I just bought a Mac Mini 500GB to load CD collection in AIFF for best qual.  Probably gonna go over 500GB since I'm about 1/4 way thru CD collection and at 105GB.  I wanna keep my collection intact on this mini for convienence sake.  I do have a 1TB and a 2TB external.


Question:  Where should I put my iTunes library?  I want to keep all iTunes together. 


Do I risk scattering/fragmenting my library/tags by moving it?  Should I just do it now since it's early in the process? 


How does using an external drive affect Match or iCloud content?


Thanks for any input. 

Mac mini, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), 500GB
  • norm123 Community Specialists

    Hello msgufo


    The best suggestion is to move the library externally. The following article will assist with that process. It would not change anything for iTunes Match, it just knows that the location of music is not local and is external.


    iTunes for Mac: Moving your iTunes Media folder



    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.



    -Norm G.

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    Thanks you for your reply and help Norm

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    Hey msgufo


    It was no problem. If you run into anything else, do not hesitate to post another question.



    -Norm G.

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    FYI: I HIGHLY suggest you move the entire iTunes folder and not just the iTunes media folder. Then everything is in one place and you are less likely to have issues.


    1. Just copy the entire /Music/iTunes / to the external.
    2. Hold Shift, launch iTunes, select Choose library... and select the iTunes folder you copied to the external.
    3. You can then delete /Music/iTunes/ folder.
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    Help!  I think I messed up.  iTunes now opens up empty.  When I hit Shift and launch iTunes nothing happens.  The music moved, it took 2 hours.  THe new destination external drive is showing in preferences advanced settings.  Think I missed the step of New Folder in Change Media folder location window.  My old folder is still in the trash, i moved it not realizing my mistake.  Now I just wanna get my orinigal iTunes back on my mini. 

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    Did you move the iTunes media folder as suggested by norm123 above or did you move the entire iTunes folder as suggested by me?

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    UPDATE:  I've manage to get the stuff outta the trash and back into iTunes.  So I guess it is also on the external just may not mess with it now.  I do only want to 'move' everything together correctly.  I'm sure I can with the help here on these forums.  Thanks Chris!


    Honestly I don't know.  Sorry, I'm a little, no very, confused by 'move' and 'copy'.  I incorrectly followed the steps in the link provided by Norm-I think I'm getting thrown off by referring to these 'articles' in this Support Community. 


    How do I copy the entire /music/iTunes to the external?  Is it a drag & drop move?


    Do I still have to consolidate, or organize?

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    Organizing and consolidating options should be done first, but odds are, you already had those checked off, since they're defaults.  Dragging to the external will do a copy.  And it's the Option key, not Shift, as stated in Chris' #2, to choose the library on the external.  Shift is for windows.

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    Imp68 wrote:


    And it's the Option key, not Shift, as stated in Chris' #2, to choose the library on the external.  Shift is for windows.

    Thanks for the catch!