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I usually share my network with my other computer, a macbook and I can see that screen when necessary and print from it to my office printer.  Now I only thing I have done is change the password to the network; the macbook is on that network after the change but I can not longer see the macbook in my finder sidebar as before so therefore I cannot access the macbook from my desktop.   How do I get it to work again?



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    Did you check your iMac's sharing settings through System Preferences?  Restarted your iMac?




    Your system profile is a complete blank! 

    When posting in Apple Communties/Forums/Message Boards.......It would help us to know which iMac model you have, which OS & version you're using, how much RAM, etc. You can have this info displayed on the bottom of every post by completing your system profile and filling in the information asked for.



    This will help in providing you with the proper and/or correct solutions.













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    Can you check if you have the same IP address on both Computers.

    apple/ System Preferences/ Network

    Both computers should have an ip address of  XXX.XXX.XXX.XYZ

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    As it turns out, the macbook had internet problems which once fixed has resolved the problem.  Thanks to the both of you for your interest.