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With the newer version of itunes, when I connect my classic Ipod, Itunes doesn't open.  How do I update my Ipod with my new purchases and pictures?

iPod classic, Windows Vista
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    Hi sharwilly,


    Here is an article of how to sync media to your iPod, either automatically or manually:


    iTunes: Syncing media content to iPod



    If you'd also like iTunes to open automatically when you plug in your iPod, review this article and see if the setting it suggests you deselect has been deselected:


    iTunes 11 for Windows: Require a prompt before automatic syncing



    If the setting has indeed been deselected, select it again to resume having iTunes open when you connect your iPod.



    - Ari

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    Hi Ariel.  Thank you for your reply to my question.  However, I'm not that savvy on using Itunes etc. so please bear with me.  In my past experiences when Itunes opened when my Ipod was connected it would show a summary page that would allow me to click for syncing library and photos etc. Also on the left hand side when Itunes was opened, the toolbar(?not sure that is what it is called) where you could eject etc. would appear where it says my name and had a place to click to eject.  Now with this new version I've installed there is no where on the left or along the top to do anything.  All that appears is an Ipod icon on the top right by where you click for Itunes store that would allow me to eject.  I can't find anywhere to open up the summary page that used to open when I had an earlier version of Itunes. I hope I'm not confusing you. Any help is appreciated.

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    Hi sharwilly,


    Thanks for the reply and the clarification.  It sounds like you're looking for the sidebar, which you can enable by following these instructions:

    Show Sidebar - Choose View > Show Sidebar (this feature will display iTunes features on the left side of the application including Library, Store, Shared, Genius, and Playlists).

    These instructions and others can be found here:


    iTunes 11: Frequently used features



    Once you have the sidebar back, the rest should be familiar to you.


    Take care!

    - Ari

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    Thank you Ariel for taking your time to help me with my Itunes/Ipod questions.  You were great and thanks for having patience with me.