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I have a 6 year old PC, so I'm past due for an upgrade.


I do a lot of work related things on a PC (So I still need to have windows)

I do play games (so I need to have windows with discrete graphics so Mac mini wouldn't work for windows games)


But a lot of my "home" work I do on a mac, (I have a 2010 macbookpro)


So after researching whether or not an iMac can be used as a monitor for my old PC (it can't) I've finally figured out 2 possible options.

Each will cost around $2700 so the price is relativrly the same.


oh, and I want a small form factor because I don't have tons of room.


Option 1 - 27" iMac, 8gb ram (I'll upgrade to 16 or 32 aftermarket), 3TB fusion, 680 geforce card and i7 upgrade.

               Bootcamp windows (so I can utilize the full video card when playing games)




Option 2 - Mac mini - around $1,000 ( i forget the exact specs)

               Alienware x51 around $1,000 (will play pc games and all office/adobe programs I use for PC plus it has a really small form factor)

               Asus 27" 2560 x 1440 monitor (i forget the exact model # but it's like $600 on newegg and amazon.)



Thanks for any opinions you can share to help me make this difficult decision.

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