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I have a 6 year old PC, so I'm past due for an upgrade.


I do a lot of work related things on a PC (So I still need to have windows)

I do play games (so I need to have windows with discrete graphics so Mac mini wouldn't work for windows games)


But a lot of my "home" work I do on a mac, (I have a 2010 macbookpro)


So after researching whether or not an iMac can be used as a monitor for my old PC (it can't) I've finally figured out 2 possible options.

Each will cost around $2700 so the price is relativrly the same.


oh, and I want a small form factor because I don't have tons of room.


Option 1 - 27" iMac, 8gb ram (I'll upgrade to 16 or 32 aftermarket), 3TB fusion, 680 geforce card and i7 upgrade.

               Bootcamp windows (so I can utilize the full video card when playing games)




Option 2 - Mac mini - around $1,000 ( i forget the exact specs)

               Alienware x51 around $1,000 (will play pc games and all office/adobe programs I use for PC plus it has a really small form factor)

               Asus 27" 2560 x 1440 monitor (i forget the exact model # but it's like $600 on newegg and amazon.)



Thanks for any opinions you can share to help me make this difficult decision.

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    I replaced my Mac and PC years ago with an iMac and haven't looked back but I use a console for gaming, not my computer. Over the years there have been some complaints from hardcore PC gamers involving graphic driver issues. I don't pay much attention to them since they don't affect me or the people I know. So I'd suggest that you look more closely in the iMac forum for recent complaints (if any) from PC gamers.

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    Since you are looking at pretty similar cost and since

    space is a consideration, the iMac, I believe, is pretty

    much the obvious choice.


    One thing you might have overlooked, is that for gaming

    intensive tasks with Windows games is concerned, natively

    booting via Bootcamp is the obvious choice.  However, with an

    app like Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion, you can also

    use that Bootcamp partition within a virtual machine environment

    on OSX.  This would mean with nearly all other apps you can

    run Windows within the virtual machine will still running OSX

    thereby not needing to reboot.


    More than likely most of your ither PC apps will likely work

    quite well within a virtual machine.  For instance, I use things

    like MATLAB, ORCAD, and other engineering type of applications

    within a virtual machine environment, including a Link Instruments

    500 MHz USB based oscilloscope.

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    Also, forgot to mention that Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 works

    quite well in a virtual machine environment in Windows8.

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    Ok, I agree with both of you, iMac is the obvious choice.


    I guess subconsciously NOT having a DEDICATED PC for the first time is a bit scary.


    I think the iMac will suit my needs no problem.


    I will look into the Parallels and VMware, that is another option.