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Hi all, first time poster.  I have always found answers here but after a day and a half seaching I have not found an answer to my calendar problems.  I had many issues with the contacts as well but I have resolved those (took some time!!)


On my macbook my iCal works great including google calendar subsriptions to my wife's calendars.  These sync perfectly with the iOS calendar and I can make changes on any device that shows up instantly on all platforms back and forth including on her actual google calendar (with the only annoying detail that they keep changing colors on the iOS device, already read about how to fix it).  Sounds great howerver, I have one more hurdle to conquer,  when I use the icloud.com/calendar on my work PC (Firefox) I can only see other previuous unrelated calendars and not my iCal iOs calendars.


The sync must be working as I can see it in the origin (iCal) as well as in the end (iOS).  Why wont it show on the icloud.com/calendar?


I thougth the issue resided, as with my contacts issue, that I had a @me.com account that transitioned to a @icloud.com account while my apple id is a @gmail.com account which was causing all sorts of havoc with non-sync/reduplication etc stemming from basically two icloud accounts (that apple wont let me combine).  While it fixed the contacts and notes it did not even tickle the calendar issue.


I have gone through and done all the changes in these articles  http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4337 and http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3999 to no avail.


Anyone has any suggestions, much appreciated.  (English is not my first language, sorry for the run-on sentences).

iCloud, iOS 6.1.4