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     I am ready to order my New iMac 27' desktop computer.


     I currently have an iMac 24" desktop computer.


     I want to make sure that my music & apps on my current iTunes transfers properly to my new iMac 27".


     I am currently using Thunderbird on my iMac 24" desktop and I would like to continue using Tghunderbird on the new iMac 27".  I am not against using Apple's M<ail on my new computer as long as I can transfer my contacts & My Folders on Thunderbird to Apple's Mail.


     I am using Safari as my browser,  Will my bookmarks automaticallt transfer to the new computer?  If not hoe do I do it?


     I am using iPhoto on my current computer, will my new computer with iPhoto transfer the photos automatically?  If not hoe is it done?


     I am using MS Word for Mac 2008 and the new computer will have MS Word 2011.  Will My Documents automatically transfer or is there comething that I have to do?


     I am not sure if I missed anything but I would like my settinmg transfer from my old computer to my new computer also.


     Please advise how I would do all of these things?  My son mentioned using the time machine.  Where and how do I know if the bookmarks, contacts, photos, music, my documents, and my Folder are in the Time Machine?


     Please advise in detail because I am not too MacIntosh savy yet.





iMac 24" Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16GB L2 Cache 4MB Bus Speed 667 MHz, Mac OS X (10.5.2), My 1st MacIntosh
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    Macs come with two applications - Setup Assistant and Migration Assistant - which will migrate (copy) nearly everything you want from your old Mac to your new Mac.


    Basically, you connect your old and new Macs together with either a network cable or a FireWire cable.  When you start your new Mac for the first time, Setup Assistant will run and you can migrate your files at that time.  If you don't choose to do it then, you can always run Migration Assistant later.


    The one thing I'm not sure about is Safari bookmarks, but you can always export a file of them from Safari on your old Mac (File > Export Bookmarks), copy the file to your new Mac, and then import the bookmarks into Safari on your new Mac (File > Import Bookmarks).


    Here is a basic overview of Migration Assistant.


    And here is some more detailed information about Setting-up a new Mac from an old one from one of the higher level contributors to these forums.

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    A little further info.  Setup Assistant & Migration Assistant can both copy (migrate) the following from your old Mac to your new Mac:


    • Users
    • Applications (but you should probably NOT migrate any applications)
    • Settings
    • Other files & folders


    Your iTunes & iPhoto libraries are normally inside your User folder (account), so they will be copied along with everything else that's in your User folder.


    The only gotcha is if you saved things in folders that are not inside your User folder.  In that case you will definitely have to select the "Other files & folders" option when you run Setup or Migration Assistant