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Why does my iphone 5 use data and battery so fast?  Since i got my iphone 5 I have been going through data and battery inconsistently.  Sometimes it uses both up very fast - like 10 times what is normal, and other times it seems fine. 

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.4
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    Hey Ann


    If you are experience battery drain and data usage going through quick, check the usage of your iPhone in Settings > General >Usage. If the Usage is just as much as stand by then there is something that is running in the background that is causing the phone to use battery and possible using data. The articles below will explain and give some troubleshooting steps to isolate and resolve the issue.


    iPhone: About standby and usage time



    iPhone: Hardware troubleshooting



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    -Norm G.

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    Thank you for your response, Norm.  I've checked settings and as of now the usage shows under 4 hours and standby 15, but I'll keep an eye on that setting to see it I can locate the problem there.  It appears to update each time the phone is charged.  Unfortunately, the problem it is inconsistent so it's hard to see where it is.  I am also trying an app called Dataman Pro which tracks data usage of different apps. I read an article on Tidbits by Adam C. Engst which has some good ideas to try - it seems that this may be a problem with ios6 so I'm hoping that ios7 may solve it when it comes out, but meanwhile I can't depend on my battery getting me through the day. I am fortunate to have grandfathered unlimited data, but after I use 5 gb - yes that is gb - I never went over 2 until this started happening - it slows down.  I think I lose the 4g LTE.  So the data isn't as much as an issue as the battery.