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I'm trying to make a DVD of an mp4 movie I have. I put it in Compressor and chose DVD best quality 150 minutes (since it's over 2 hours) and I made sure the aspect ratio was 2.35:1 since that's what the movie is. It plays fine in the preview window in Compressor but when I export it the image is stretched vertically. How can I maintain the original aspect ratio? Thanks.

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    What is the source of the mp4 file with the 2.35 Widescreen aspect?

    Is it native 2.35:1 or is it letterboxed within a 16x9 aspect?



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    I'm not exactly sure. When I click "get info" on the file, it says the dimensions are 1024x576, which is 1.78:1, but the original aspect ratio of the movie on imdb says 2.35:1. I think I might've solved the problem though. When I put the file in Compressor, I changed the "padding" to "preserve aspect ratio" and did a test of a few seconds of footage and it looked correct, so now I'm doing the whole movie.