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Hammohm Level 1 (0 points)

I try to download updates and it keeps coming back with iTunes can't download

  • jeremy_v Community Specialists (3,490 points)

    Hi Hammohm,


    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.


    See this article for some troubleshooting tips you can try:


    Can't connect to the iTunes Store


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    I managed to download iTunes, but it took me more than 10 minutes of cursing and pulling my hair before I managed. What seems to be the problem is that Apple have made such a poor excuse of a homepage that it loads the "thank you for downloading" page before it actually starts the download. In order to bypass this, I had to reload the page several times before it popped up an option to even save the software. Once I got a "do you wish to download" pop up, I readied myself and pressed first "save" button with my mouse and then I accepted the location where to save by pressing enter. It took me four attempts to actually manage to start the download since the "thanks" page loaded too quickly at first, but after some attempts I managed to press enter quick enough to actually start the download before the homepage sent me to the "thanks" page.


    I guess a simpler version would be to just set your browser to download all to the default location so you never need to press "save to..." before the webpage sends you to the "thanks" page. I never tried it as I simply see no reason why any serious company would force me to change vital settings in my computer in order to make a simple download (but then again, I have lately started to question if Apple truly are serious. Why else would it be so hard to make a simple download link on their homepage?). As it is, I managed to press enter quick enough; if you fail to do so, then try changing your settings so your browser downloads to the default location. If you cannot get to the option to even choose between "save" or "cancel", then my only suggestion is to reload the page until it works. Reloading worked for me,  but I do not know why as I haven't managed to figure out what actually prevented my browser to request a download to begin with.


    All in all, Apple get a D- for this. It's incredible unprofessional to have such poorly working homepage and to not even address it officially about it in the forums (at least not that I could find). Think Different = Don't think, just buy our products.

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    I am also having same problem when I try to download itunes to my windows 7 desktop. It goes straight to 'Thank you for downloading itunes' without even asking me if I want to 'save or cancel' the download.

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    Thank you for this post. Same problem, the thank you page comes up way too fast. I was able to see the menu to choose where to save the file, but by the time I navigated to the folder I wanted to use, it was too late. So I let it save the download in the last folder I used (Adobe Reader in this case). I will then move the file to the iTunes download folder.


    What a PITA. Apple has tons of people but they can't figure out how to make a simple download procedure work? Wow! I thought Apple meant easy to use...


    Windows 7 user.

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    I had exact same problem & it was driving me crazy (I was already annoyed because of the failed update I was trying to fix) .  Thanks for your post - it taught me that I had to hit "Save" really fast to get my download to start.

    This iTunes upgrade has been super disappointing - & that's an understatement.

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    AppleZuck has it! I was already trying to fix a bad update and could not for the life of me figure out why Apple said I had downloaded itunes but it wasnt on my computer. When I clicked and then hit enter immediately it totally worked and my download started and the file showed up on my desktop. It did abort about 3/4 of the way through but I just clicked on the download error message in the browser and it finished.

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    press CTRL and click download

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    Thank you, so much, AppleZuck!!!!  You have finally put an end to my many-hour fight to try to get through this latest iTunes update. 

    I understand that Apple & Microsoft dislike each other, but why they have to take it out on us is beyond me.  As long as Macs are so flippin' expensive, I have no choice but to be a PC girl.

    Anywho...thank you, again.  You're a lifesaver! 

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    Thanks AppleZuck! this solved my problem. Geez, one needs to be quick to click on the Save File button then again save in folder --- before the next screen pops up. It took me several times before I nailed it. Could not save it to the folder I wanted, but after the download it's easily moved. Unfortunately iTunes fails to install correctly on Windows 7 64-bit.


    Apple: what's going on? You are getting sloppier and sloppier about your releases. The last release prevented me from using the itunes store due to a misplaced dll (which you told me how to correct). This release didn't install correctly on the first try, mucked up my Outlook calender and then could not be downloaded. Now the second attempt to install also failed.

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    I agree with the consensus here.


    Also, if you use the firefox extension Download Them All, you don't have to race to save before the next page loads.



    which I'm sure is because of some backdoor scripting that it uses.  This is very much a problem, and I can see how people would waste a lot of time on it.  Google results for "download iTunes" seems to give a lot of non-Apple results, and this seems at least a little bit concerning when an average user using an updated browser won't be able to get it downloaded from the official site.

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    I agree, this is the stupidest problem I have ever had.

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    shocking that a billion dollar company can't manage the simplest task.

    wasted 30min of my life

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    This is still happening!! Glad I found this support line as I was also pulling my hair out. Speed in clciking "Save" is vital

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