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I have a new Apple TV and have enabled home sharing on my laptop so I can see my iTunes library via the Apple TV.


I'm trying to get Apple TV to sync with my iPhoto library as a screensaver. When I select iPhoto as an option in iTunes, I don't get the option to 'apply' that choice... Instead the button at the bottom, just says 'sync' but it doesn't do anything. My iPhoto library is on an external wireless drive so not sure if that's part of my problem? The Apple TV can see my photo stream photos so it seems to just be an iPhoto / Apple TV connection issue...


Can anyone help?



MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    Welcome to the Apple Community.


    I assume you are selecting your photos from the File > homesharing menu.


    How is your external drive formatted.

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    Hi! Thanks for responding so quickly.


    I'm no quite sure whether the problem is actually my iphoto or my external drive:


    - iPhoto is saying 'Photos are being imported to the library - please wait until this is completed' but no photos are actually being imported... Trying to find a fix for this on this community as well


    - The external drive isn't showing up on my finder list of folders, which makes me think it's a connection issue but iPhoto is talking to it and I logged on remotely and it says connection is good. The external drive is a 'my book live' wireless drive (DHCP LAN configuration). It holds all my itunes and iphoto files (not sure what other 'formatting' info you that would be helpful?)


    Not sure if any of this helps but I'm presuming the trouble isn't with my itunes or apple tv - it's either the hard drive or the iphoto program.

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    If the drive doesn't show up in the finder or in Disk Utility, you won't be able to get much further, Disk Utility will tell you how the drive is formatted.

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    OK the drive is back up and running - I can locate it in the finder but not in Disk Utility strangely enough. However, I can locate my iPhoto library but it's greyed out so I can't select it as an option in itunes under home sharing... Any ideas why this might be the case?

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    There is something wrong if the drive doesn't show up in Disk Utility, it would ordinarily show up there even if it doesn't show up in the finder. Are you sure this is an external drive and not a network drive.


    You should still be able to tell how the drive is formatted by highlighting the drive in the finder and pressing cmd + I.

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    I worked out what was wrong - I had a password on my 'share library' settings in photo - once I turned the password off it showed up.


    Thanks for your help and speedy responses!