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I have a Dlink wired router which I have a number of things connected to via cables.  Now I want to extend this system to a wireless system using an Apple Airport Extreme.  I have read about everything I can, but it does not work.  The dlink is plugged into  my comcast modem and I tried to connect the AP Extreme to the dlink.  I can setup the Airport extreme, but anytime I connect the AP to the dlink I loose connection to the internet.  I have to unplug the AP and power down the dlink to get the internet back.  I have tried all types of setups but the minute I plug the cable from the AP to the dlink I loose the internet.  Can anyone tell me what is happening?

Airport Extreme, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    The key is to reconfigure the AirPort Extreme as a bridge and continue to use the D-Link router to provide both NAT & DHCP services for your entire network.


    You will use the AirPort Utility to configure the Extreme as a bridge, as follows:

    • AirPort Utility > Select the Extreme > Edit
    • Network tab > Router Mode: Off (Bridge Mode)
    • Update


    Note: You may need to temporarily connect your Mac directly to one of the unused LAN ports on the Extreme during the setup phase in order for the AirPort Utility to "see" it. Once configured, and unless you made any changes, the Extreme will now broadcast an unsecured Wi-Fi network with a Network Name of something like Apple Network NNNNNN. Since the Extreme is connected back to the D-Link router, it will gain Internet access as well and provide it to any wired/wireless clients connected to it.

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    Thanks for your help, but it does not really address the problem.  The Dlink is a non-wireless router so to connect to the AP Extreme I need to use a cable, if I plug in a cable I loose my local internet connections and WAN connections.  I can talk to the Extreme using the wireless capability of the AP.  But ultimately I need to connect the AP Extreme to the Dlink router and when I do it all goes down, no matter how I have setup the AP Extreme.  The really strange thing is I had set the two up before and it worked, but I took it down and now I can't get it to work no matter what I try. The Dlink is a DI-808HV and I am using a MacBook Pro and an iMac to try to setup the Extreme. The Airport Utility has no problem seeing the Extreme wirelessly.