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Device: iPhone 4S on AT&T

OS: iOS 6.1.3


I went to adjust a custom label for one of my contacts, and I noticed this LONG LONG list of custom labels (in the thousands) on my iPhone 4S. I sync my contacts via iCloud only to my MacBook Pro and my iPad. These labels are not found on my Mac nor my iPad, only on my iPhone. Anyone else experience this?



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iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3
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    You likely installed a new iPhone app WhosCall, which was featured recently in a number of blogs. I also installed it, but discovered that part of the way it managed its built in list of numbers to block, was to create all these custom labels, in addition to creating actual entries in your contact list.


    Once I discovered this highly problematic feature, I deleted the app. But, even though the thousands of contacts it added to hidden groups in my contacts.app were deleted, the custom labels stuck around. Highly maddening. It will take hours of clicking to edit them out of my custom labels list.

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    Thanks! That is definitely the answer...and maddening for me as well. Here I go spenindg my day off removing stupid labels...

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    if you use icloud to sync you contacts, go to www.icloud.com and delet them there, they will then be deleted from your phone as well. it will save you a lot of time.

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    Yeah, normally that would do it, but all of these custom labels are NOT synced with iCloud. After reading jimmyturbo's response, I checked in my Contacts.app for my list of groups, and noticed two groups full of contacts under the "On My iPhone" category. These groups/contacts are not synced via anything and reside only on my phone, thus they weren't showing up on my Mac or my iPad.