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I am in serious need of help. Just had my iPhone replaced under warranty and the iPhone store set it up. However, after getting home I noticed my email is not working. I was able to set one of my emails up, but the gmail account that is my "exchange" account won't let me sign it. When I enter my password is says it can not get mail and that it can not connect bc the server failed..

I did not originally set it up either so I really have no idea how this works. Any ideas?!

Please not you are working with someone who is not comfortable with computers or anything electronic. Thank you in advance..

iPhone 5
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    I used Exchange for my actual Exchange account and the GMail app for my GMail account and everything works.

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    Google dropped support for Exchane on free accounts as of 30 January 2013. Devices that still have it set up can continue to use it. However, new devices can't be set up that way. Your options are to set up Gmail using the Gmail option under Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendar>Add Account or to use the Gmail app. Like the previous poster, I like the Gmail app.


    Best of luck.