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Hi everyone,


At work we have bought around 20 iPads for staff to use.


They all have the same iCloud and App Store login which is one of our work e-mails. We soon found this as a problem as peoples reminders were showing up on other devices, apps that people had downloaded were appearing on others devices, etc, as they are all connected to the same iCloud account.


We came up with the conclusion that if we selected sharing off for reminders, etc, that it would resolve the issue - which it appears to have done.


However now me and a few other members of staff would like to download our own apps without them appearing on others iPads. What is the best way to do this?


If under "settings" we log in with our own Apple ID, I know that the apps won't share on the work's e-mail download list, but as we will still be connected via. iCloud will they begin showing up on other peoples devices?


Also, just to make things a little more complicated, we also need to tether our iPads to our iPhones which we will be getting next week.


Hopefully I've made this as clear as possible and thanks for any help in advance!



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    If you disable automatic downloads in Settings>iTunes & App Stores, purchased apps and media on one device will not automatically be downloaded to the other devices.  However, if all the devices continue to share the same Apple ID for purchasing, purchased apps and media on any of the devices will continue to appear on the purchased list on all devices.  The only way to prevent this would be to use a different Apple ID for iTunes & App Stores to purchased the apps you don't want to appear on the other devices.

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    Thank you very much for the quick reply! So just to get this straight: if I log in as my personal account under the iTunes and App Stores settings rather than the works accountand turn off the "automatically download new purchases (including free) made on other devices", I can download apps on my iPad without them appearing on other user's iPads?


    Kind regards

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    Yes, but there are some caveats to be aware of.  One is that if you have apps purchased with multiple IDs on your device, you will continue to be prompted to enter the password for the ID(s) you are not signed into when updating apps.  This is because apps (and indeed all purchased media) are permanently tied to the ID used to purchase them.  This isn't an issue, just something to be aware of in case you are still prompted for the password for the other ID when updating apps.


    Another thing to be aware of is that if you have automatic updates enabled on your device now (or if you have subscribed to iTunes Match), your device is "associated" with the ID you are currently signed into in Settings>iTunes & App Stores.  Once associated with an ID in this way, it cannot be associated with another ID for 90 days.  This means that if you change the ID, while you can continue to purchase new media using the new ID, you will not be able to download previously purchased media for the new ID for 90 days.  This is discussed in this article: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4627.

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    No that would be fine, the only problem was when we were all signed into the same account random apps were appearing on other iPads that people hadn't downloaded and they were getting confused ha ha.


    Presumably this won't affect the tethering? And this may sound a stupid question but I presume all my passwords for Facebook etc will only be stored on my iPad and couldn't get used on any of the others...

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    If you don't mind having your personally purchased apps appear on the purchased list on everyone's device, you don't need to change the ID.  All you need to do is have everyone turn off Automatic downlads in settings.  This will prevent apps purchased on other devices from being automatically downloaded to everyone's device.


    None of this will effect tethering.

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    I am going to use my personal one just so people don't know what I'm up to.


    Thank you very much for you help, you have been brilliant!

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    You're welcome.