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  • 6th Generation Airport Extreme drops connection intermittently at random times.


Set Up:

  • 6th Generation Airport Extreme (main router - no hard drive/not a time capsule) located center of house on the main floor. 2 Range extenders each approximately 30+ feet away from main router. First range extender (Airport Express - newest generation) located on the third floor parallel to main. Second range extender (Airport Express - new generation) is located at the end of the kitchen (main floor).


  • Main Router is connected straight from a Motorolla Surfboard modem on a foyer table at the center of the house.


  • Range extenders connected to Main Router wirelessly and at wall outlett height.

Previous Setup:

  • Same setup as above but, with the 5th Generation Airport Extreme instead of the 6th Generation.



  • All current versions.



  • HP Notebook G60
  • Several WEMO outlets
  • 1 iPad Mini
  • 1 iPad 2
  • 1 iPhone 5
  • 1 Motorolla RAZR MAXX
  • Macbook Pro
  • iMac (wired from main router on foyer table)

        Note: All of these routers/range extenders/modem/computers are plugged into surge protected outlets.






With the new Airport Extreme my family and I have been experiencing intermettent connection drops. The amber light on the main router turns on and within a few minutes turns green and connection resumes again. This has been happening for a few days now ever since I purchased the new router. This has not happened before with the 5th generation router, which I donated to our church.


I have not exchanged the product yet. I will be initiating a Complete Power Recycle after some suggested solutions in a bit. I have contacted my Internet Service Provider (Comcast) for a line check and found no problems.


Has anyone found any solutions to resolve the intermittent connection drops? Is reverting to the previous firmware going to solve this?


I would like some insights before trying to do all this. Thank you all for your time.



I've done a detailed post since posts like these is frequently asked questions on set-up, devices, connections, etc:

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