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I had a number of shared calendars on my iCloud, all of which have suddenly disappeared. When the owner of those calendars invites me again, I get the email but not the in-app notification. Approving the shared calendar from those emails does nothing. And they don't get an invite from me when I try to share a calendar with them.


In iCloud - Perferences - In-app notifications are turned on


On my iPhone and iPad - Settings - Mail, Contacts, Calendars - new Invitation Alerts is on, and Shared calendar Alerts is on


I've checked my Apple profile - just the one noted (which was verified), no mobileme conflict


Also did the changing my AppleID email address, then back again - hasn't resolved


I did sell my old iPhone, and was (for a while) seeing that person's photos and calendar on my iCloud. I think they took it into an Apple store to stop our accounts from sharing - could they have doen something to my account? I can't get hold of them to ask.


Anything else I should check?




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    I have a very similar issue that seems to have started about 4 days ago.  I first noticed it when the color of my wife's shared calendar (our family calendar) changed, and I couldn't change it back.  It was very annoying, because the color changed to blue, and my personal calendar was already blue.  I couldn't tell them apart.


    When I would try to change the color of her calendar, it would appear changed, but would change back automatically or if refreshed.  In an attempt to solve it, I removed her calendar and asked her to re-invite me.


    Here's where it gets very odd.


    Now, if she invites ME to view the calendar, I will get an email notification.  However, my FATHER will get the notification in his calendar app (or in the iCloud.com app).


    This is very easy to reproduce.  I opened 3 different browsers: Firefox, Opera, and Safari.


    In Safari, I logged into iCloud.com as my dad.

    In Opera, I logged into iCloud.com as my wife.

    In Firefox, I logged into iCloud.com as me.


    In my wife's iCloud.com calendar, if I add my email address as someone to share the calendar with, I will get an email.  The notification will show up on my dad's iCloud.com account in Safari.


    In my dad's iCloud.com calendar, if I add my email address as someone to share the "Work" calendar with, I get an error that says...


    Couldn't share "Work".

    Your changes to this calendar couldn't be saved because of a server error.  Please try again.


    I've been trying for several days now.


    How can I fix this problem?  I feel like there is something really screwed up with my iCloud.com account!