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Afternoon all


We are using a small number of iMac’s in our network, all of which are still using OSX 10.5 (v10.5.8). As our network is predominantly Microsoft based, we have no central control over the iMac’s, thus any configuration of them is done locally via the Workgroup Manager (WMG).


We have locked the iMac’s down using the WMG to prevent our end users from accessing certain applications etc.... However one default item that is still in place that is causing us concern is the Shared option in the Finder sidebar. If a user clicks on the Shared option, they can browse all the shared folders; and see all the devices attached to the network (Desktops, Servers etc…)


We know that you can disabled the Shared option for the current user by click on Finder > Preferences > Sidebar. However we cannot see a similar option to disable it via the WMG. We cannot seem to find either a specific plist file for the sidebar that we could edit and use for all users.


This raises two questions:


  1. Does the WMG for 10.5 allow you to disable items in the sidebar like the Shared option?
  2. If it cannot, do the newer version of OSX/WMG have this functionality?


Any help/pointers would be appreciated to get this issue resolved

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)