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Ronning 10.6.8


Occasionally I am sent files which open on screen but will not print, or print a few pages before printing a sheet with error message similar to




I have access to several printers ...Canon image pass fails ,  and Ricoh laserwriter fails ... a venerable HP laserjet is our saviour (but only B?W)


Is this because other users (PC users) are using variations of fonts that Mac cannot support?


Any solution?


I noted that 10.6.7 users had similar issues. Our Macs are updated from the server and I trust that 10.6.8 has been vetted for  such issues?

Xserve, Mac OS X (10.6.8), client macminis, and MacPros
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    A google search for the term "definefont" on HP's website seems to indicate that this might be a postscript error.  As you read the thread, it might offer some insights as to what might be happening.  This thread is for an HP printer in a MAC environment.  Other than that, I was going to suggest the normal procedure of running disk utility and to repair permissions.


    Hope that helps

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    Ironically, the documents print OK on the 10 year old HP laserwriter!!! but not on the Canon or Ricoh....


    I have selected entire doc and converted to times and also tried Arial, same issue - then I removed the bullet points in the word file...it prints.


    No solution, but I now appreciate the issue...