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I have been searching for this and I only found question about this of years ago, so I decided to make a discussion about it. I am going on vacation to USA and I'm planning to buy an iPad mini there.

I got a few wuestions:

1. I live in Europe. Is it possible to setup the device in my language (dutch)?

2. Can I download apps directly to my iPad?

3. If so, can I get access to the Dutch apple store? (I think so cause I can access American app stores too)

4. Can I download any european/dutch apps?

5. Aside from not being able to register my iPad, will tuere be any other issues?

Thanks :)

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    Sure got overread, reply anyone?

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    Here are some answers I hope may help you for some of your questions:

    1) When you first purchase a device it will have you go through a set-up assistant. One of the first questions will ask you what language you would like for your iPad; you would be able to select dutch as language.


    2)Yes you can download app directly through your iPad on the App store that comes pre-installed on the device.


    3)To access Dutch app store you will want to change your account settings and change the region. To do this:


    1. Tap Settings on the Home screen.
    2. Tap iTunes & App Stores.
    3. Tap on your Apple ID. (If you are not signed in, enter your Apple ID and password, and tap Sign In.)
    4. Tap View Apple ID.
    5. Enter your Apple ID password.
    6. Once signed in it will allow you to choose different regions.

    4) You can now download european/dutch apps as long as you have changed the region on your apple ID.  **Note: some apps are only offered in specific regions**