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Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 22.40.56.pngHi All.


When I logged on to my computer this evening and I was on skype, I clicked on a link to view something and this popped up on my screen.


I don't have any USB devices plugged in to my computer. So what is this and why is it showing? Any Idea anyone? and what should I do about it?




iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Hello Tricia,


    If you have no USB devices connected, not even a keyboard or mouse then the only thing left connected to USB is your internal iSight camera, which may have been called on by Skype when you clicked a link. Restart your Mac and open the Photo Booth app to see if the camera works ok and gives no similar warnings.

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    You probably need a powered USB hub to support the unpowered USB devices connnected to your iMac. These devices can be things like cameras, printers, etc...

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    Thank you Jayv.


    I didn't think of my Mouse or Keyboard Duh!!! but they are always on anyway, so didn't enter my head.

    Looking at Rkaufmann87's answer as well. I think you are both right.

    It could be that skype drew power,  and on mention of a printer I checked mine,  as there is no light on telling me the power is still on,  I checked it and it Was on.  Now switched off


    Thanks Again.


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    Thank you rkauffmann87.


    I'm glad you mentioned the printer, it woke me up to the fact it was switched on, I really must remember to switch it off, once i've finished with it.


    Thank Again.


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    Your welcome.