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The following happens for my 2010 266 GHz Intel Core i5 as well as an old white G4, both running 10.6.8 and tested with Temperature Monitor. When the Graphics Processor Temperature hits about 62C, the Mac shuts down consistently. Perhaps a sensor does so to protect the hardware, but 62C is not all that hot, far less than 85C or 100C. The only exception appears to be when a browser is in full-screen mode say when playing a Netflix movie, which is less than intuitive, also because of the hogging Silverlight plug-in.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Have you ever vacuumned out the intake ports, they are where the RAM door is. Remove the door and vacuum, DO NOT blow air in.

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    When was the last time you vacuumed all of the air intakes, air exhaust, vents , slot, holes and ports all over your the outside of your iMac?

    Shutdown your iMac disconnect everything, even power, lay your iMac screen down on a heavy, but soft surface like a heavy towel or blanket and vacuum every opening, slots and ports around your entire iMac. Not just the upper back vent.

    Also, it wouldn't hurt to open the access plate where the RAM slots are and do a very light vacuum over that area, as well in case there is dust buildup there,too!

    Then reconnect everything, power back up and report back with the temps.

    Good Luck!

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    Sorry, vacuuming the 27" iMac has made no difference. It consistently keeps shutting down at a graphics processor temperature of about 62C; disk usage, normal vs hogging CPU or window vs full-screen has no bearing. Shutting down means a black screen and the computer becoming no-responsive; you can hear the quiet fan if you're close and sometimes there's a soft clicking; I then keep the power button pressed until the unit is fully turned off.

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    I would recommend running Apple Hardware Test in extended mode at least 3x back to back, if you get error codes  you have confirmed a hardware problem and must take it in for service.

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    My iMac 2010 run very very hot and burnt out the M.B. etc etc  Now I run SMC fan control to keep temp under 50c.