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I used to be able to create a song in Garageband send it to iTunes and attach or drop and drag it to an e mail

And now nothing but the icon is being sent.


Did I change a setting not realizing this would cause this issue?

Please help.


iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 16G ram
  • rkaufmann87 Level 9 (55,238 points)

    When composing the email click the paper clip in the email message (upper right) navigate to the file and send it.  If you cannot see the paper clip then customize the tool bar (View - Customize Toolbar) and drag the attach symbol to where you want in the Mail app.

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    Thanks for the quick reply


    But this is what I am doing.

    And its what I used to do. but it is not working anymore.


  • rkaufmann87 Level 9 (55,238 points)

    Please be more descriptive, please describe what occurs when you attempt to attach a file.

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    I create an e mail,

    Add e mail address

    add subject name

    click paper clip

    choose the mp3 file I want to send

    click choose file

    and nothing happens exept it prompts me to the email with nothing in the e-mail


    If I do all of the above except instead of clicking on paper clip I drop and drag the song from my desk top to the e mail the icon apears.

    But no actual song I think its just my desk top short cut.


    I used to do either one of these options and it would work.

    But not any more...

  • rkaufmann87 Level 9 (55,238 points)

    With Mail turned off. Open Finder - Go Menu - Go to and copy and paste the following in:




    Restart Mail and retest.


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    Ok im not following.

    I tried what you wrote but wondering if you missed a word or something.

    Cause when I open Finder

    there is nothing that says Go Menu

    I see Go up at the top

    And when I click that I see Go to Folder

    And when I pasted this in there it went to this location


    Is there an action I need to do?

    I tried sending another e mail but it still doesn't work

  • rkaufmann87 Level 9 (55,238 points)

    Yes I'm sorry, once Finder has located the file drag it to the desktop. Then log out of your user account and log back in and re-test.

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    ok did it but nothing changed.

  • rkaufmann87 Level 9 (55,238 points)

    Well the last three resets i can tell you to do are the resets I can tell you about are Intel iMac SMC and PRAM resets . Do the SMC reset 3x back to back, then reset the PRAM. If those don't help then restart in  Safe Mode. If none of those 3 don't help there is one more thing I know to do.

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    Updating this...

    I ended up calling Apple and after some various test emails they got it fixed for me.

    We had to uninstall the OS and reinstall it. And that worked.