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I enabled filevault but accidently forgot to select the "secure erase" box. As a result, my home folder is now twice the size it should be, and I don't have enough space to turn off filevault. I tried logging into another account, that is an admin, without filevault, and I tried to use the terminal to compact the folder. However, that didn't work.  The result was: it recovered 0 bytes.


Is there a way to compact the folder so that it's the proper size?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    After some more digging, I discovered that a new home folder was created with the same username as the filevault user, but had a long string of numbers after it. I was able to access the file through the root account (it was restricted) and noticed that it was about the same size as my filevault home folder. After looking at the "created date" in each folder's info box, my assupmption is that this "new" home folder is really the old unencrypted home folder. I'm wondering if deleting this would solve my problem. My only concern would be that it would create access problems.


    Any ideas?