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I have moved a 1Tb drive fom an older (PPC Mac OS 10.5) machne to an Intel Mac Pro.


The drive was the primary in the old Mac it's now the second drive in the new Mac. I have moved my Home folder to the 2nd drive.


Whenever I perform a finder operation, like move a file from the Desktop to the Documents folder for example, I have to authenticate.


It's drivng me mad because I seem to spend half the day typing my password.


Can solmeone help me sort out permissions?


I initially had enormous problems because the drive was "locked" and I could do absolutely nothing at all. I looked around this forum and found that others had cured similar problkems by executing these commands...


sudo chflags 0 /Volumes/<drivename>

sudo chown 0:80 /Volumes/<drivename>

sudo chmod 775 /Volumes/<drivename>

sudo chmod -N /Volumes/<drivename>


...so I did and the problems seem to be 90% fixed except I have to constantly authenticate to move, copy, delete etc


Mac OS 10.6.8, Mac Pro Quad 2.8Ghz




Mac OS X (10.6.8)