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Good afternoon.

I needed to update the email address/username I have in iTunes. I did that and it seemed to go through fine after I verified the new email address and re-logged in to my phone, ipad, and Mac.


The only issue seems to be the Shared Photo Streams - which have all vanished.

I went in to my phone and ticked the 'Photo Stream' on/off button under the iCloud section in Settings. I had a friend re-add me to her folder and it showed up.


But what didn't happen is that any folders that *I* shared have vanished off my devices.

Let's call this "Photos by Me".

That folder is not on my phone/iPad anymore.


If I check my wife's phone, she still has "Photos by Me", but the owner is my name, but with the old email address.

Is this folder now orpahned and on it's own?

Why did I lose those folders when I changed my email address?



(if someone from Apple reads this (Hi!) the process to change your email address and then have to update multiple accounts on various devices is a bit kluge)

(seems like someone at Apple missed the Relational Databases 101 class)


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    A small update.


    If I log in to iCloud on the web, I log in with my NEW email address and that works.


    On my iPhone 5, under Settings -> iCloud, the account is listed as my old email address. I can't change the email address field.

    iCloud, for the most part is working. If I save a Note on the phone, it shows up on my Mac and on the iCloud site.


    Under Settings -> iCloud, the only real option is to "DELETE ACCOUNT".

    Should I delete the account (still showing my old email address) and re-log into iCloud with the new email address?


    Deleting that iCloud account on the phone (I'm assuming) won't hose up my saved data. Right?

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    I'm just answering my own questions


    Yes. Even though my iTunes account was updated, the iCloud account wasn't. So, I deleted the iCloud account on my device and then re-logged in with the new address.



    Seriously, Apple. Changing my email address took way too long and was a tad too stressful.


    OK. I think I'm good to go!

    Now, I also have an issue with my Haier window unit AC and the thermostat. It keeps tripping the fuse box. Assuming it's an iCloud issue as well.