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Ok, so i have a 2011 macbook pro and i want to hook up my turtle beach x32 wireless gaming headset. I bought a aux cord to hook up the sound from the computer wirelessly to my headset, i got that to work. But i want to record my voice and there is one problem. there is no recording jack that come on most computers. I need this jack very badly and im not sure if that is the exact name for it but i wanted to know if there is possibly another way to hook it up or if there is an external one i could somehow hook up to it. Thanks, please respond.

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    If this is the 13" MBP, the audio input and output jacks are combined in one.

    The simplest solution, especially if you are just using this for your voice for gaming, is to get a USB microphone.

    A more complicated (and more expensive) solution, if your microphone has an audio plug, is to get a USB audio interface. I have one which I use for recording, cost about $100. I do not know if there are some audio interfaces that you can use to combine the audio from your microphone with the audio going to your headset. I just did a brief google search and didn't come up with anything.

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    Thankyou, and i do have the 13", the only problem was i got the aux cord and i cant get my voice control that comes with the headset into it. But is there like possibly a jack that goes into the slot, but has 2 jacks on it? if you see what im saying

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    Here's a page that may have your answer. It shows an adapter that should work:

    audio - MacBook Pro (mid-2012) Microphone Input - Ask Different