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Could you send me instrutions how to set up my Airport base Extreme, I hooked it up to my existing Linsys 310 V.2, I unplugged the cat cable going into my Wan (In the Linsys) and I plugged the cable from the cable modem into my Airport Base Extreme and use one of the Lan cables to plugged my Linsys 310V.2 to leave my existing wireless router as an access point, but now I am getting an error message from my Airpor Extreme Wireless network that reads "Limited Access" and I have to manually go to the Windows 7 and trouble shoot problems in order to restore my connection with my Wireless Network over my Airpor Base Extreme Station, could you please give any ideas what did I do wrong when I set up my wireless network??


Thank you,.

Airport Extreme Base Station
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    Are you using a Linksys WRT310N? Why not simply replace that piece of junk with the Extreme - it's a much better, more capable and more reliable router.


    In any event your description confuses me but here is how your equipment should be physically connected, if you have reason for keeping the WRT310N in service as a router:


    Modem > WAN port (2).gif Linksys LAN port.gifWAN port (2).gif Extreme.


    Next, using AirPort Utility for Windows, select the Extreme, click "Manual Setup" and make your configuration conform to the following settings:


    Internet pane > Internet Connection tab > Connect Using > "Ethernet"

    Connection Sharing > "Off (Bridge Mode)"

    TCP/IP tab > Configure IPv4 > "Using DHCP"


    AirPort pane > Wireless tab > Wireless Mode > "Create a wireless network"

    Wireless Network Name: make it exactly equal to your existing wireless network name

    Wireless Security: make it exactly equal to your existing wireless network security

    Channel: leave it on Automatic unless you have reason not to


    Update and let the Extreme reboot.