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Hi all, my wife's iPad2 16gb is now 2 years 3 months old, the AppleCare warranty ran out 3 months ago and it has never given any trouble UNTIL YESTERDAY !


It was on charge all day and all night but it never got to 100% !!!, it was stuck on 84% permanently !!!!


Does this mean the battery is on it's last legs ?, what am i to do ?


Does anyone know about, or actually had a new battery ?, i suppose my first port of call is my local Apple Store, but what will they say, over the phone they were very un-comittal .


I have heard a rumour that the battery is non replaceable and i have to give them £100 to exchange it for another one !, but that is only a rumour.


obviously the battery must be a very large part of the insides, and she simply loves her iPad, i dont really want to buy another one !!!!!



OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4), iPad 2, iPhone 4S