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I seem to have lost all my presentations on icloud.


I was using my ipad offline, trying to show a presentation. While keynote for ipad was loading, I saw all presentations, but before I could do anything, all presentations disapeared, leaving only the default "get started" presentation. As I was offline, I thought somehow that this was the problem, and thought nothing of it.

So before going online with the ipad, I wanted to back up my presentations on my MBA (which I took offline for this), just in case, but when opening keynote on my MBA, it gave me the start using keynote on icloud page, with no presentations at all.

I use keynote regularly on this computer, so this was strange, additionally, I am still logged in via numbers and pages, with all documents there. I restarted the computer, in case there was some sign-in problem, but with no luck.


Also checking icloud.com, no presentations are listed. And checking my iphone just showed me some presentations briefly before deleting them all.


I have no idea what happened, why iCloud deleted all my presentations, and how I can recover them. I do regular time machine back ups. Can I somehow recover them from there? Or does Apple have a chance to recover them?


Thanks for your help.



MacBook Air, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)