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I know Wireless and Bluetooth are great technologies!  I know Apple makes it relatively easy to change batteries in their devices (magic mice and keyboards)!

However, I am running a few elementary school computer labs where we have many iMac computers and limited space. 


One of my major obstacles from keeping these computers reliably operational is keeping keyboards alive with fresh batteries (We have wired mice).  Also, since table space is limited, the standard FULL SIZE keyboards (with the numerical 10-key) takes space away from the mouse.  A 10-key at this elementary school age level is really unnecessary.


It would be ideal if Apple could bring back their older version of the Aluminum Keyboard that was compact AND USB wired!  The old model number was MB869LL/A (A1242).


These options are all that is currently available and neither is ideal:


  • FULL SIZED Wired Keyboard (that is too wide and the 10-key is unncessary):
    • Wired Aluminum Keyboard MB110LL/B USB with Numeric Keypad
  • COMPACT Wireless Keyboard (that changing the batteries is too time consuming when you have 100's of computers in a lab to deal with):
    • Wireless Aluminum Keyboard A1314 Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard, MC184LL/B


Looking for a compact, non-10-key, WIRED, USB, Apple compatible keyboard (that has brightness and volume controls built-in).

Anyone else support this efffort, please chime in (or offer alternate solutions or compatible hardware).



Elementary School Challenged!


MB869LL/A (A1242)
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    Everyone here is an end-user like you. To get feedback someone at Apple will see,  use this link:




    Chose the Mac model your school uses and you will get a screen where you can enter your comments.


    Best of luck,



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    "Looking for a compact, non-10-key, WIRED, USB, Apple compatible keyboard (that has brightness and volume controls built-in)."


    Depending on your budget, you can find just about anything you want if you check the internet for computer peripherals.  The biggest problem with the keyboard that you want would be its high price tag and finding a large (new-in-box) supply of them.  I'm never surprised at the availability of keyboards that were never used with the computers that they shipped with.  After Apple discontinued the ADB extended keyboards, I was still able to find new ones for my older fleet of beige G3s.  As a less expensive alternative - but one that excludes your preference for brightness and volume controls - you may wish to consider a reasonably-priced, USB-wired keyboard for PCs, like the compact one shown at this eBay auction.  A PC keyboard will work with a Mac, except for any programmable function/media keys that are part of the Windows software installed with the keyboard.  One distinction between an Apple and a PC keyboard is the placement/juxtaposition of the two keys on either side of the space bar:  The Windows logo key and the Alt key.  When used with a Mac, the Windows key becomes the Apple Command key and the Alt key is the Option/Alt key.  For your use, perhaps you could place a permanent sticker with the Apple "Command" symbol on the Windows key.  In an elementary school lab, the stickers might be peeled off as soon as you've replaced them - which would be a nuisance.

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    I bought one when they came out knowing it would be my exclusive and favorite keyboard for a long, long time. (It is a shame the wired version is gone.) It's made the transition across 3 desktops now, and with a little Mr. Clean Magic Eraser every couple years, it stays looking brand new. But I digress...


    Your best bet is checking out ebay to see what you can find, and possibly even find a bulk sale of them - as rare as those sales are. Jeff's answer above is one of the most helpful I've seen - and I agree, completely. The cheapest alternative, as you mentioned they were for elementary school kids, would be the most ideal.

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    while looking around for one myself, i found this:


    http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/Keyboard-for-Apple-Apple-iMac-Keyboard_745 896507.html


    likely one of the original manufacturers, minimum order is 10 keyboards.


    i have no relationship with them, only need one or two myself, and am not sure i want to pay 50$ each. but since my search had me look here right before i looked there, i decided to come back and provide this answer, in case you are interested. there is another vendor selling them there also, with no price listed. use the search box at the top of the page, and look for "A1214 apple" or you will be buried in random parts.


    good luck.

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    I'd be interested in 3-4.

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    i'd be very happy to buy a few as well.


    it's as if i'm in a shoe-store and the only choice i've got, is between 7 sizes too large, or a vague promise of some virtual shoe i'm not sure i could even walk on.

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    I, too, think that the A1242 is superior to the bluetooth keyboard, which like the magic trackpad, stutters when using 2.4GHz wireless to perform a backup to an Apple Time Capsule...


    I was looking for one fro a friend, but they're unfortunately out of production, so unless you want to get a used one on eBay for $100, seems like there are no good options.