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    "Would it have been that hard for" Ann to say what she was using after being repeatedly asked?


    We have been doing support here a very long time. Posters get, fast, useful and accurate questions 99% of the time.


    Unusually so in my experience.


    Having to ask repeatedly for the same information is not uncommon, but that becomes apparent only after answering directly the questions that have been asked, to then discover that was not the real question or the poster, for some bizarre reason only known to themselves, is "not telling".



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    Peter,  It must be very lonely on your lofty cloud, hope you are still as sharp at 70, and that when you get a problem somebody will help you as griffgriff helped me, I am not ashamed to admit that at 70 I have a lot to learn as I think you do to.

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    You are posting a question in the forum for Pages, which is an application that runs on Macintosh computers, but but you are describing the behavior of Pages for iOS which is an application that runs on iPads and IPhones. There is a different forum for that application, but you were referred here because you were checking a help topic about Pages on a Mac. Is there some reason you are being so secretive about which one you are using? The only rudeness I have seen here has been your repeated refusal to answer the questions of the volunteers who have been trying to help you.



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    Please say if you are having problems in understanding anything, we are very sympathetic and take your circumstances into account, but don't just say nothing. Say you are 70 and are not familiar with what you are using and we will ask questions tailored to what you need to clarify the problem. No shame in that.


    We can't give you an answer that will specifically help you if you leave us in mystery as to what it is you are asking.


    That principle can't be that strange no matter what age you are. Surely you don't go to the Doctor and say "It hurts" and ignore the doctor when he says "What hurts". At least he can see you, we can't.


    Have you got a solution to your problem, is more important?



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    I am fine, Thank you Peter

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