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When you click on finder, down the left hand side under places, there is a picture of a house with your name next to it, this is where your files are kept.  How do I change that name.  I'm giving my computer to my son and want to put his name there instead of mine.

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    That's the user name. It's a bit difficult to change it and you may damage your user, so I recommend you to create a new user for your son. Also, he won't have your files in his user.


    To create a new user, open System Preferences > Users & Groups, press the + button at the bottom left part of the window and follow the steps. I suggest you to create an administrator user because he will be the only user.


    After that, go to  > Log Out, and log in the new user. Open System Preferences > Users & Groups, choose your old user and press the - button at the bottom left part of the window to remove it. With this, your son will have a new user that he will be able to set up as he wishes. You have to give the password of the new user to him