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Dear colleagues,


I have a problem with my MacBook Pro that I cannot Startup and stuck on the grey Mac apple screen.


Further, I don't have any installation CDs that comes with the device as I'm out of the country.


In addition I have already broken CD Driver.



Could you please till me how to startup my MacBook with saving my data stored on the Hard Drive.


Kind regards,

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.4)
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    See this Apple note on booting with the gray screen. Where it talks about using the OS X install disk, boot into OS X 10.8 recovery by holding the command and r keys down while booting, then use Disk Utility.

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    Dear BGreg,


    I did tried it several times but still not working or save any repairing steps.


    I hope if I have another options or at leaset have an idea to get back-up without removing the hard drive out of the MacBook.


    Kind regard,

  • BGreg Level 6 (17,495 points)

    If command and r keys don't take you into recovery mode (or boot holding the alt/option key down and choose recovery), then your options are limited.  You could buy an external DVD drive and buy an OS X 10.6 installation DVD in order to run Disk Utility, which may or may not get you going.


    As long as there hasn't been a hard drive hardware failure, the data on your hard drive is likely in good shape, you just can't boot from it.  You don't have a bootable backup with you, I'd guess. May be worth a visit to a local Apple store if one is nearby ... they should have an external hard drive you could boot from in order to run Disk Utility.  Another option would be for the Apple store to reinstall the operating system (if you can get into OS X recovery you could reinstall the operating system yourself).