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Colin Mann Level 1 Level 1

I have a MacPro running 10.6.8. I was printing to my Canon LBP5360. Everything was working fine.

Then a power surge blew my printers usb & ethernet ports.

I have now connected my printer to my Mac via a newly purchased parallel to usb cable.


Now my Mac cant see my printer anymore.

If I check my usb ports under About this Mac, the printer is not showing.


Is there a possibility with the surge also blew my parrallel port?

Is there a seperate driver/software I need to install to use the parallel to usb cable?

Is there a fix for my blown usb/ethernet ports.


Any help would be appreciated as I am now dead in the water.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
  • Johnb-one Level 4 Level 4

    Oh, I hope you have insurance. The parallel to usb cable ought to just work. for software, check the package. Probably not. You could try repairing permissions, and under printing prefs, if you hold down the option key while clicking on the printer, you might get something about resetting the printer system.


    Yes, Alas, you may be dead in the water for right now, but you aren't dead for good.  Maybe it's the printer's paralllel port that got fried. In which case, you'd have to take it in for repair. If you can, try out another printer

    or plug something else into your usb ports to see if they show up. If your Mac Pro's usb ports don't show up,


    well, it might be time for a service call, which means, take it in



  • The hatter Level 9 Level 9

    I assume but don't know if you already have a UPS and whether you need more or better protection than what you have.


    Invest in some UPS equipment, I found CyberPower Smart Sineware models to allow me to filter and protect cable/dsl while still not affecting the signal or bandwidth performance. Before it goes to the modem, and when leaving the modem to the next downstream device, usually your wifi router. Any inkjet can go on UPS powered or surge only (lasers of course go on surge only).


    Having a smaller UPS for peripherals might work for some while just Mac and monitor perhaps are on a 1500VA / 900W unit.


    We had a storm in March 2012 that sortof knocked my modem out - still seemed to function but poorly and took a full month of troubleshooting and visits to get resolved. Bought my own modem, upgraded the router as well later, and made sure to run coax and cat5 thru UPS (APC unit just interferred and would not work properly)


    Canon has wifi printer/scanner/fax today. Might really be worth it to invest in low-end unit that is wifi capable and as a 2nd or backup depending on what you do and your needs even just to get through until your can get yours serviced, but would have you up and running for  around $150 with 2nd day delivery.


    Apple just posted new drivers for Canon will be in Software Update. Don't know if yours was listed.


    Ethernet ports on Mac Pro and G5 have been known to suffer damage and stop working due to a power surge or other events. PCIe ethernet for your Mac. Also USB cards. See OWC http://www.macsales.com


    Shutting down everything and unplugging, and reset SMC with all power and cables disconnected - and hit power button for 10 seconds - can help.


    For me, I have to use UPS and have two 1500s and two smaller 1000VA units to handle two computers and assorted equipment, using two different circuits.


    UPS -
    http://www.amazon.com/CyberPower-CP1500PFCLCD-Compatible-1500VA-Tower/dp/B00429N 19W/


    Hope maybe this can help -


    • OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Lion systems will have the necessary printing software already installed, or will automatically download and install software when the printer is connected or configured. Do not install software that came with the printer as it may be out of date, and do not connect the printer to your Mac yet. Follow the instructions that came with the printer to unpack, install ink or toner, and insert paper.  Finally, use the instructions in this article to connect the printer to your Mac.


    • Make sure the printer model is listed in Printer and scanner software, which is a comprehensive list of all printer models that have compatible software for OS X Mountain Lion and OS X Lion.

    How to add a printer

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