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I am trying to make time charts. The person gets paid by day. I am trying to assign the words "full" and "half". Where "full" is equal to 1 and "half" is equal to .5 this way the total for the week can be multiplied by a daily amount. I know this is a very simply calculation without numbers but I am trying to make it so all I do is input the information at the end of each day and by the end of the week I have the total amount to be paid. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    The general solution would be to use a Lookup Table to equate the words with the values. The simple solution would be to use an IF-statement in your expression where the values is displayed or used as part of a calculation.


    If you show us your layout, we can make a specific suggestion.



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    Here is my sccreen Shot. I think it is a little hard to read. I don't want to have to add columns. I basically want to say "full" equals 1 and in the total hours colum a 1 shows up. That way The formuala i have for total payment in red will simply multiply the number of days times the day rate and the number of miles by the milage rate and give me one number so I do not have to calculate hours and milage every week and then add those together. I have to do this for several people so I am just trying to make things as simple as possible.



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    You should see if you can put all your calculaitons in Footer rows rather than in the body where the data is. That makes calculations simpler.


    Here's a calculation that accounts for the Full and Half conversions:


    =COUNTIF(E3:E9, "Full") + Countif(E3:E9, "Half")/2