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When I open Keynote, firstly it only remembers 2 previous presentations that have not been opened for months, but does not remember more recently opened files. Secondly, because of this bug, when I use the search bar and type in the name of the file I know I have recently worked on, it can't see it on the hard drive - even though it is there. It comes up with PowerPoint presentations of a similar name, but not a single Keynote file.


I have repaired permissions, I have been in System Prefs and played around with the options to reset Number Of Recent Items etc etc. It makes no difference. After a while, those same 2 Keynote files appear in the Recently Opened list - even though they have no right to be there.


Any thoughts anyone?




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    The following procedure has helped solve many issues with Keynote:


    1 Close all iWork applications.

    2 Uninstall iWork using an application removal tool.

       Appcleaner works well for this purpose and is freeware.

       To be effective, all iWork applications have to be removed, not just Keynote.

       You must use an application removal tool to completely remove the iWork installation.


    3  Empty the Trash.

    4  Shut down the Mac, then restart and press the shift key immediately after the startup sound, release      shift when the Apple icon appears. Allow the Mac to boot up to the desktop, it will take longer then usual      as the hard drive is being repaired.


    5  restart the Mac

    6  Reinstall iWork using either the original install files or log into the Mac app store and down load and install

    7  Repair permissions:  Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility > First  Aid:  

        click on your system disc in the drive column and select Repair  Disk Permissions


    8  open Keynote and test



    Post back to let us know if this was successful.