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On June 21 we had a wind storm that knocked out power to our building. Our Xserves were on battery backup and I shut down the 10.5 server in question by holding down the power button.


When it rebooted Workgroup Manager wouldn't run properly and none of the users or groups I had created could be located. My admin account also acted funky.


I created all of these accounts in the local directory, not LDAP. And these users only logged on to share files — no mail, user folders, etc.


The error that kept showing up was — "Error of type eDSOperationFailed (-14483) on line 3395 of /SourceCache/WorkgroupManager/WorkgroupManager-361.3.1/PMMUGMainView.mm"


I found a posting in Apple Support that, when called about this issue, Apple suggested I try. It involved several Terminal commands, and really didn't fit my situation. I tried it and got no where.


So, I reinstalled the OS. Now, here are the problems:


• I created the users and group, but none can authenticate. They just get the "shaking" box when they try to log in.

• I was using this server for DHCP and that isn't working. Late Sunday evening I was switching everyone to manual IP with DHCP

• This server also does DNS for the building. I've noticed no problems there.


I hadn't done an install for a few years and, as you can tell, I'm a uber user and not a trained tech person.


Could I have done something wrong during install? The only services I started with AFS, SMB, DHCP, DNS and Open Directory.