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On June 21 we had a wind storm that knocked out power to our building. Our Xserves were on battery backup and I shut down the 10.5 server in question by holding down the power button.


When it rebooted Workgroup Manager wouldn't run properly and none of the users or groups I had created could be located. My admin account also acted funky.


I created all of these accounts in the local directory, not LDAP. And these users only logged on to share files — no mail, user folders, etc.


The error that kept showing up was — "Error of type eDSOperationFailed (-14483) on line 3395 of /SourceCache/WorkgroupManager/WorkgroupManager-361.3.1/PMMUGMainView.mm"


I found a posting in Apple Support that, when called about this issue, Apple suggested I try. It involved several Terminal commands, and really didn't fit my situation. I tried it and got no where.


So, I reinstalled the OS. Now, here are the problems:


• I created the users and group, but none can authenticate. They just get the "shaking" box when they try to log in.

• I was using this server for DHCP and that isn't working. Late Sunday evening I was switching everyone to manual IP with DHCP

• This server also does DNS for the building. I've noticed no problems there.


I hadn't done an install for a few years and, as you can tell, I'm a uber user and not a trained tech person.


Could I have done something wrong during install? The only services I started with AFS, SMB, DHCP, DNS and Open Directory.



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    Holding down the power button to shut down is not recommended


    It should only be done if all other methods fail


    Once you do that you should verify that the forced shutdown has not damaged the disks


    Do you have any backups?



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    I back up the data, not the OS disk.


    I know hard shut downs are not recommended. But when the power failed it knocked out our KVM switch and I didn't take the time to retrieve a smaller display and plug it into the back of the server. I realize this was poor practice, but I was trying to restore our complete system (6 servers) so we could publish a newspaper.


    I'm sure there are other handslaps you can apply.

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    This issue has been partially resolved. DHCP is now working.