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Why doe my mac have such a hard time picking up a wi fi signal? Afterabout 5 minutes of searching it runs great but every initial start up is the same problem.

Windows XP
Solved by Kappy on Jul 1, 2013 4:45 PM Solved
Here's a recent suggestion: Wi-Fi- How to troubleshoot Wi-Fi connectivity 1.  From Menu bar, Go|Computer|Macintosh HD2.  Library|Preferences3.  System Configuration4.  Hold down Ctrl and click on Preferences5.  Get Info6.  In Name & Extension box, add .old to System Configuration file.7.  Shut down system & remove power lead.8.  Hold down power button for 15 seconds.9.  Reconnect power and turn on. System will create a new SysConfig file without the corruption which may have caused the WiFi problems.