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I need help deciding on what MacBook I should buy, I can either buy a refurbished 15" MacBook Pro, a high specked MacBook Pro 13", a 13" i7 MacBook Air 8gb RAM, or a 256gb 11" MacBook Air i7 8gb RAM. I do some Web Browsing, want to run Final Cut Pro X, and Reaktor 5, Photoshop, and I play MineCraft on high settings. Don't know which one is best for me. I don't really mind weight unless it is like 6 pounds but I do want to save money. I may also want to have it to be fixed easily if it breaks.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.3)
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    You don't mention which model of 15" MBP you are looking at, but if you are going to be using Photoshop and Final Cut, I would think the larger screen would be a nice feature for you.  I'd go with the 15"...

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    Final Cut Pro X, and Reactor 5, Photoshop, and I play MineCraft on high settings.


    I don't really mind weight unless it is like 6 pounds


    I may also want to have it to be fixed easily if it breaks.


    Top of the line 15" non-Retina, high res anti-glare, stock drive or with a ~500GB SSD.


    You can upgrade the RAM yourself to 16GB at Crucial.com or OtherWorld Computing (tools and videos) cheaper than Apple.


    Also can upgrade the stock 5,400 RPM hard drive to a SSD later if you wish.



    but I do want to save money.


    Then your on the wrong platform, the above machine is the one that fits your critera and needs, else your looking at a Windows PC.


    I suggest a Segar laptop, they have 17" anti-glare screens (Apple doesn't make anymore) and more powerful graphics options for 3D gamers.


    The MacBook Pro's don't have very good graphics so you can't play the newer 3D games after 2 years.


    3D gaming on Mac's, what you need to know



    Why is my computer slow?


    However the new MacPro coming may have awesome graphics with it's two video cards, so it might surfice for about 4 years with 3D games, but it's a desktop not a laptop.

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    I don't really want a PC because I want to run Final Cut Pro. Unless I hackintosh it but I don't want to do that.

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    I am only playing minecraft, which isn't graphics intense or anything, the rest of my gaming I do on my Xbox 360. I will just get the 15 inch MacBook Pro because it has what I need. I will just have to save a bit more though.

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    Yeah Minecraft is really light on graphics requirements


    FYI, I run games on my 15" rMBP, and the performance is pretty decent.  I mainly play StarCraft 2, Diablo 3, Portal 2, and Civilization V.  Not really intense games graphically, but I'm more than happy with it.  All the other advantages of the Mac platform make up for the less-than-stellar gaming performance.  If I get really desperate for a gaming machine, I'll just build a PC for that, but I'm not giving up my Mac!

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    lynkozz wrote:

    I will just get the 15 inch MacBook Pro because it has what I need.


    I will just have to save a bit more though.


    Don't wait too long, the next release of MacBook Pro's and the non-Retina (user serviceable) will likely be gone.


    The Retina models you can't upgrade anything, so you have to buy the large SSD and max RAM upfront.


    Anyway isn't Avid better than Final Cut Pro? X was dumbed down a bit and it angered a lot of professionals.







    Apple is coming out with a new MacPro capable of 4K video though.

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    I don't know what "fixed easy...." means on these machines, depends on what breaks doesn't it?  For what you stated you want to use it for, I would think you'd a 15" MBP.  I like the retina screen model for those programs, but if you want to save some mony, have some more flexibility in terms of changing drives and ram ....look at the refurb store for MBP non retinas.  All next to latest or close to it units with full warranty and save a couple of hundred bucks... You need to ultimately max your ram (buy less expensive and equally as good non-apple ram such as OWC, Corsair, Crucial etc) for using especially with FCPX and Photoshop. If you can get an SSD 500gb, which are expensive but maybe you could wait, that would speed things up as well, at least in opening up and moving data. Although a little heavier/larger than the sleeko rMBP you do get a superdrive burner built in, which some people stii desire.

    Good luck on choosing:)

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    Good idea, I found a pretty good deal on an ssd on amazon.com that is 500gb and is $315. Thanks! Don't really care for the retina display but I do care for power over a screen and a 1 pound difference. I like the idea of the SuperDrive but I will maybe replace it with another ssd or hard drive in the future if I am not using it. Upgrade the RAM through OWC or something to 16gb and that will be good. I heard of IR issues on the retina display and overheating problems. A MacBook Air may be able to do what I do but you can't really upgrade much and it would overheat doing it and be slow unless on Internet but the MBP has an Ethernet Jack!

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    Hey im looking to do minecraft and logic pro x on a mac, im looking to purchase. I dont know what to get though at the moment i have £1070 roughly and i can get a bit more ie like another couple of hundred problem is that takes time and quite a bit of it but ive got a mod list for minecraft and ill be hosting a server (only like two or three people on the server though) because i want to do a lets play but i would like my mac to be a bit future proof so i can play games that might come up in the future but i mainly game on console im not looking for anything super just run minecraft decently and logic and photoshop and illustrator.



    heres the mod list for minecraft along with a texture pack. thanks in advance  Picture16.jpg