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I use the latest version of iTunes and sync it with my iPhone 4S(also running the latest version of the OS). I sync with iClouds and now the apps that I buy from my iPhone wont transfer onto my iTunes as it used to during the sync. Nor the old apps which exist in my iTunes update when I sync my iPhone after updating my apps via my phone. I even tried to use the "Check for available downloads in the iTunes store" option but it says there are no available downloads for your apple ID. I need to sort this out asap guys. Thank you in advance.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.3, Mac OS X Mountain Lion (Latest)
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    Are you selecting sync from the Apps tab, in iTunes? Try this article and see if this helps.



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    I just read your issue over again, what your gonna wanna do to transfer your purchases to your iTunes library. Syncing means moving the content from your iTunes library to your phone. If you want to move all of your purchased music, and applications you are going to want to transfer your purchases to your iTunes library. Follow this article if you want to transfer your purchases.



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    Hi All,


    I have the same issue, the PC is autherized and I have transferred all my purchases but still the Applications aren't snched with the library???

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    To transfer purchases from the device in iTunes 11 the option is now under File > Devices > Transfer Purchases From iPhone

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    I have already transferred the purchases but it never worked again after that, every time apps don't get synced between the PC and the iPhone.

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    BUMP! This is also happening to me. I already did File>Devices>Transfer Purchases and still, when I am trying to update to iOS7, it says, "There are purchased items on the iPhone “______ iPhone” that have not been transferred to your iTunes library. You should transfer these items to your iTunes library before updating this iPhone. Are you sure you want to continue?"


    What is going on?? Am I going to have manually re-download all my apps?

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    BUMPx2!  Same problem here.  Would like to upgrade to iOS7, but with the latest version of iTunes, my iPhone4 apps are not syncing, copying, reading over, whatever the vernacular of the day is, to my PC.  Sorry Apple, but I use a PC - with all it's ills and problems.  Too costly to convert after a bazillion years.  I have meticulously tried the above suggestions (adapting the steps for Windows-based OS), all to no avail.  So, can someone please tell us how to get iPhone apps to copy, sync, whatever, to the computer using the latest iTines software?  This process shouldn't be this difficult.



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    Have you tried going to preferences and checking 'apps' under where it says 'automatic downloads'?


    For Mac it's located under itunes>preferences>store tab.


    I believe checking this option should automatically download any purchases made from your ios device, to your itunes.  (I just discovered this option after searching online so I haven't tested it yet, and can't at the moment.)  I think I remember this option being there before, but I thought it was a precaution... to download the purchased app immediately, just in case your device is lost before you get a chance to sync.  Now I guess it's the only way to automatically transfer (or download) new apps from your ios device to your itunes.  ??


    Along that note, there is the 'music' check box next to 'apps'.  Does that mean you have to check 'music' as well if you want music purchases from your ios device to sync back to itunes?  I thought for sure, music purchases on an ios device would transfer back to itunes during the regular itunes/ios sync.


    Anyway this is really weird, because I'm almost positive apps used to sync along with music and everything else during normal sync (including app updates).  I guess for some reason Apple decided to change this?

    This is all very confusing, Apple.  Whatever happened to "It just works"??

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    Had this problem too.   In frustration I tried "manual" sync and a window came up "not all apps downloaded and do you want to download now"  ( or something close to that) and I clicked on "yes" and low and behold all 11 of my apps purchased since October 2013 ( now March 2014) downloaded to itunes.   Hope this is a premanent fix.

    Why manual sync asks to down load apps and auto sync dosent I dont know.  ????

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    i can see all my purchased apps in itunes but i need to get them to my new phone????

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    I thought I had the same issue a while back but make sure you go to preferences/general and under "show" ensure "apps" is ticked? This was my issue (didn't actually have an issue just couldn't see apps!)


    Hope it helps

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    I know this post is old, but it was the first link to show up in google search last night. I had a similar issue. I followed the instructions from "Advisor Alex." I couldn't see the apps listed. I unintstalled/reinstalled iTunes 3x, activated/deactivated my account 3x, signed in/out +3x, everytime I restarted my phone and still could not see my apps. I spent 4+ hours last night trying to get it to work. I woke up this morning to see if anything changed. Turns out I did not scroll down all the way when I was in iTunes. I know it seems simple, but sometimes you gotta K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid).