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I had set up a shared photo stream between my ipad and iphone (which are on the same clouds). It was working great then suddenly, now if i add to a stream it wont update my other device. also when i try to make a stream with someone else it wont let me even when they accept it it wont link us up.  I also have had others try to send me an invite to a shared stream they created and when i click the link it goes to the stream page but then never loads the stream.  also when i try to resend invite between my devices and or make a new one between devices my husband keeps getting all of the activity on his phone and i get nothing.  we dont even share a cloud.  we have seperate logins for the cloud and he doesnt even have any of my email addresses that are being used in the stream or cloud in his phone.  please help im super frustrated and dont know why our accts have crossed or why i cant get my devices on the same cloud to link back up.


i have an ipad 3 and iphone 4 on same cloud

his phone is a 4s not on my cloud

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    I got overwhelmed just reading your description. May be it is time to reset all your streams and start over. Ease into it. Starting with fact that you don't really need shared stream between same icloud account on two devices.

    Good luck!