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I am currently using the iPhone to record my vocals on top of professional beats, or riddims as they are called in the dancehall world. Is there a way for me to select multipe voice sections from different tracks, copy them and then paste them later in the project. I don't want to record the chorus more than once. Normally what I do is sync the project to my wife MacBook Air and then from there edit it but I would like to avoid this. Also, I use the earpods microphone to record my voice and of course it doesn't come out professional quality but it is decent. Do you recommend a microphone that plugs to the iPhone or should I get an interface? Thanks for the help.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6
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    You can either copy and paste single regions or duplicate sections, if you want to copy regions

    from different tracks in parallel. 


    See: Extend a song with song sections


    Adjust the length of your sections in a way, that the regions you want to copy from different tracks are together in a section of your song.


    Add a copy of a section:

    1. Open the song section controls, choose the section you want to copy, then tap Duplicate.The copy is added after the last section.
    2. Tap Done to close the song section controls.

    After copying the section, move the new section to the end of the song:


    Change the order of sections:

    1. Open the song section controls, then tap Edit.
    2. Drag a section up or down in the list by the handle on its right edge.
    3. When you are finished, tap Done.
    4. Tap Done to close the song section controls.




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    When I add sections the Interface becomes all squished. For example, the riddim will be 80 bars, and I'll be able to scroll left and right.


    However, when I hit the + button and add another section, it squishes the 80 bars and dis-allows scrolling left & right.


    I hate that. I always set sections to automatic before importing the track. After the squishing, I don't know how to get back the scrolling functionality. What I ended up doing was merging each track individually, then copying the track into a new song in order to get back the scrolling. Then what I did was split back the sections and copy and paste them into where they belong. This becomes more manageable b/c I record my voice peice by peice in different tracks as the lyrics come to my mind. I could've even deleted everything but the chorus, joined all the chorus tracks, then copy and paste them to where I wanted as a single track.